Changes in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program: Family Reunification and New Opportunities

Last week Dominica introduced considerable changes to its Citizenship by Investment Program. By having expanded the definition of qualifying dependants the country’s government made it possible for main applicants to include previously unqualified family members. According to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, the changes “are meant to accelerate family reunification”.

The new changes allow children of the main applicant and spouse aged 18 to 30 not to be attending an institution of higher education or to be living with the parents. Now it is enough to merely demonstrate that the main applicant or their spouse support the child financially. The same is the case for parents and grandparents of the main applicant. Within the new rules, there is no requirement for parents and grandparents to be living together with the main applicant and the financial support by the main applicant or their spouse is sufficient to be included in the application for citizenship.

It is worth noting that in the latest changes to the citizenship by investment program the government of Dominica introduced a new category of family members who can be included in the application ― siblings. Either biological or legally adopted siblings related to the main applicant or their spouse can be considered as qualifying dependents, provided that they are over 18 years old, single, and childless.

The changes also concern naturalisation of new family members. Spouses married and children born after the main applicant has obtained Dominica’s citizenship can become the country’s citizens as well. It is specified that these provisions are valid for both main applicants and dependants.

Another amendment is the simplified procedure of adding other family members that could have been included as dependants in the original application, regardless of the chosen investment option.

All dependants at the age of 16 or more are obliged to pass multi-tiered due diligence checks to qualify. In the case of including any additional dependants other than a newborn child, main applicants must repeat the due diligence checks, if a calendar year has passed since the original submission.

The changes in the Citizenship by Investment Program have made the conditions of obtaining Dominica’s citizenship even more attractive. If you are interested in becoming an economic citizen of this country, contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.

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