Citizens of Dominica Can Now Travel Visa-Free to China

Citizens of Dominica Can Now Travel Visa-Free to China

Citizens of Dominica Can Now Travel Visa-Free to China

Dominica continues to enlarge the list of countries where its citizens can travel visa-free. This week it has signed a visa-waiver agreement with China, which represents a new stage in the relations between the countries.

Dominica and China established diplomatic ties in 2004 and have enjoyed a long-lasting, profound relationship since then. On 22 November 2021, the two countries celebrated “a significant milestone” by signing an agreement, which would allow their citizens to travel back and forth on a visa-free basis. This agreement has made Dominica the second Caribbean state (after Grenada) whose citizenship by investment (CBI) program provides for visa-free access to China.

 “We want to push our bilateral relations to new heights and to facilitate international travel between our two peoples. I wish, with this agreement coming into effect, that the bilateral relations can be heightened further, the people-to-people exchanges can be made closer and we can bring our friendship to a new level,” China’s Ambassador to Dominica, His Excellency Lin Xianjiang, commented.

The visa-waiver agreement takes immediate effect. Thus, from now on Dominica’s passport holders can travel to China without applying for a pre-departure visa.

With this new opportunity, citizenship of Dominica is becoming even more appealing. At the moment, having it opens ways to more than 140 countries visa-free, including the UK, Schengen states, and Singapore, besides China having joined them. Moreover, Dominica’s CBI program offers potential applicants a number of additional benefits, such as a favourable tax regime, a year-round tropical climate, comparably low investment thresholds, the possibility to hold dual citizenship, and many others. It also stipulates a fast-track application procedure that allows investors to obtain the passport of Dominica in around three months and does not require them to visit the island country at any point.

It is important to mention that throughout the year 2021, Dominica has come up with a discount for one of its CBI program’s options. Families of up to four can donate a reduced amount of $175,000 (instead of the previous $200,000) to the Economic Development Fund; investors with spouses can also take advantage of the lowered price and make a contribution of $150,000 (instead of $175,000). It remains unclear if the discount would be extended to 2022, so now potentially is the final chance to apply for the Dominican passport at a reduced price.

If you are interested in the acquisition of Dominica’s citizenship by investment, contact GLS Private Office. We will be happy to answer your questions, advise and provide you with a tailored solution taking into account your needs and expectations.

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