Coronavirus and Second Citizenship

Coronavirus and Second Citizenship

Coronavirus and Second Citizenship

In an unprecedented move by most governments to fight the widely-spread Coronavirus, the world countries are rapidly closing their borders. It creates a massive shift in plans and lifestyle for the majority of people. All the main events are cancelled for this year, people are strongly advised to self-isolate for an unknown period of time. The EU has shut down its borders for ALL non-EU citizens. Similar measures have been implemented by Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

Many countries are swiftly imposing imprisonment and monetary penalties for those who do not obey the quarantine rules. Even tougher measures might be introduced which will jeopardise lives of many people, as they lose jobs and are forced to go bankrupt. This scenario was impossible to imagine even a month ago. Now it is our new reality and no one knows how long it will last…

In such situations of uncontrolled panic, the security of multiple passports is of paramount importance:

1) Being a citizen of several countries provides you with a choice of where to be. Second passport = mobility you have even during global emergency situations.

2) Multiple passports allow to leave quarantine zones and to move the family into a safer place with a more developed medical system.

3) Governments of many countries organise evacuations of their citizens from the high-risk areas and into safer locations despite closed borders.

The insurance policy of multiple passports plays an essential role in securing lives and providing choices for globally-minded people no matter how turbulent the times are.

The entire application process can be performed remotely with the grant of citizenship in as little as 2 months. Caribbean and Vanuatu citizenship programs could provide these solutions.

We are experts in worldwide citizenship by investment programs, and we are open for business. Let us help you in securing this vital insurance policy called second citizenship.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and remember that the Coronavirus threat too shall pass…

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