Grenada guaranteed buy-back. гренада гарантированный выкуп

Grenada Introduces the First Guaranteed Buy-Back Real Estate Option in the Caribbean

Grenada guaranteed buy-back. гренада гарантированный выкуп

With its unspoiled natural beauty overlooking the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Grenada attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.  For those who seek relocation or a solid second passport, the island country provides one of the most reputable citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean. As the program’s real estate option is in high demand among investors, Grenada has a wide selection of government-approved properties to offer: from shares in beachfront resorts to luxurious private villas. More qualifying properties are on their way, and investors are invited “to secure a shareholding” in future development projects. Ora Caribbean developers have recently presented a new advantageous offer for investors looking to obtain Grenadian citizenship by investment with the maximum return on investment — 100% share redemption after five years of ownership.

An idyllic tropical paradise, Grenada is a desired destination for lots of people from all over the globe, including tourists, students and, of course, investors. The island nation has been running its citizenship by investment (CBI) program since 2013, allowing wealthy individuals to acquire Grenadian passports in exchange for investing into the country’s economy. The CBI program comprises two investment options, such as a non-refundable contribution into the National Transformation Fund, and purchase of government-approved real estate. The latter option is highly popular among qualifying investors, not least because it enables them to receive dividends and to sell their property after the compulsory holding period.

If choosing to obtain Grenadian citizenship through real estate purchase, applicants are required to make an investment from $220,000 into a designated property, whether it be a resort, hotel complex, condominium, villa or apartment. Depending on their goals and the property purchased, they are granted shared or full title ownership. A considerable amount of the investment can be recovered in several years, which makes the real estate option particularly beneficial.

Grenada has multiple properties for investment to choose from. For example, among them is the award-winning, world-class five-star luxury hotel resort named Silversands. Described as an “expansive project with 9 stunning, beachfront and hillside villas, and an opulent resort complex comprised of 43 rooms and suites” by its development company, Ora Caribbean, Silversands provides a vast selection of investment opportunities.

However, Ora Caribbean does not intend to rest on its laurels, with their new development projects around the corner. To encourage investors to purchase shares in the properties under construction, the developer has introduced an unprecedented offer, namely 100% buy-back guarantee of the purchased share at its new project called Beach House by Silversands. After the 5-year holding period expires, Ora Caribbean will redeem the investor’s share for 100% of the initial investment amount, thus reducing the property cost to zero (with the exception of mandatory government and other associated fees). Moreover, the investor will benefit from spending seven days per year at any Silversands resort during the five years of the share-holding period.

This buy-back offer is already steadily increasing the popularity of Grenada’s citizenship by investment program, providing a unique refund opportunity along with other benefits, such as warm tropical climate all year round, visa-free access to more than 150 countries (including Russia, China, the EU, and the UK), E2 Visa Treaty with the United States which allows qualifying businessmen and their family members to live and work in the US, favourable tax regime, and many others.

Would you like to take advantage of the 100% redemption offer by Silversands, and become a citizen of Grenada at a nominal price? Hurry, as the number of available shares at Beach House by Silversands is limited to 75 in total, and they are selling fast. Contact GLS Private Office, and we will be delighted to assist you with your application.

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