We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the year 2021 bring you health, happiness, worldwide mobility, inspiration, and success.

Dear friends,

2020 has been a serious challenge for all of us. The coronavirus pandemic caused tremendous damage to the global economy, and to individuals’ lives. On the bright side, the COVID-19 had a positive impact on the investment immigration industry; the demand for citizenship and residency by investment increased. The worldwide closures of external borders, travel bans, and the economic crisis incentivised HNWIs to have a Plan B in the form of a second passport and residency by investment. The interest of investors prompted many countries with economic citizenship programs to offer more favourable program requirements. Below we prepared for you an overview of the main developments in the investment immigration sector of 2020.

During these uncertain times, we continued working hard to provide our clients with the best opportunities related to achieving their goals through Global Lifestyle Solutions. We look forward to supporting you in staying true Global Citizens in 2021 despite all the challenges that the new year will bring. As the threat to freedom of movement and the lifestyle we are used to is ever-growing, our promise to you is to remain your trusted service provider offering you fast and reliable solutions in 2021.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the investor immigration and ancillary services which will improve your mobility, provide you and your family with the insurance policy for a peace of mind, and offer your next generations the best start in life, please do not hesitate to contact us. We assist you with citizenship, residency by investment acquisition, education in the best schools and universities, international bank account opening, worldwide property purchase, various concierge support, and much more. Our ancillary services are limited to the extent of your wish. Anything that can be priced, qualified, and quantified, we are ready to research, negotiate, and manage.

To your health and freedom in 2021.

Best wishes,

Victoria Vella

Managing director at GLS Private Office

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