Webinar series of GLS Private Office on 2 -16 July

Webinar series of GLS Private Office on 2 -16 July

Webinar series of GLS Private Office on 2 -16 July

The webinar series on Investor Immigration solutions from around the world run by Victoria Vella, Managing director at GLS Private Office, are over now. During these events which lasted for three weeks (from 2 July until 16 July 2020) we have been educating our clients on the main aspects of the best citizenship and residency by investment programs worldwide. Victoria was sharing her expert opinion about these programs, compared them to each other and provided her honest view on their offerings. Victoria Vella is a pioneer of the investment immigration industry and has been advising HNWIs on the prime investor immigration strategies for almost 10 years.From now on the contribution amount remains the same regardless of the number of people included in the citizenship application of up to four. However, the total cost of the citizenship application is a bit higher due to the application, passport, due diligence fees, and legal service cost.

The webinars had many attendees and a number of questions got answered during the events. All the three webinars were held in Russian and also in English languages which allowed GLS to tailor the presentations to the needs of the audience based in Russia & CIS and internationally.

The series started on 2 July with a webinar on investment immigration in the Caribbean region (including St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia) and Vanuatu, followed by webinars addressing European citizenship and residency by investment programs. On 9 July the citizenship and residency by investment programs of Malta, Portugal, Greece and Montenegro were discussed in detail, and during the final webinar on 16 July the programs of the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Turkey and Spain were covered and compared.

The questions, which had not been answered during the events due to the time limits, were answered at a later stage during private conversations of the attendees with Victoria Vella. We would like to thank all the attendees for their active participation in our webinar series. We hope you enjoyed the webinars and received all the necessary information.

If for any reason you were unable to attend the events and would like to receive the presentations from these webinars, kindly email us at webinar@glspo.com. We plan to host regular webinars on different topics interesting for our clients. Therefore, if you would like us to prepare a presentation on your topic of interest, kindly get in touch. Moreover, should you wish to have a private 30-minute free of charge consultation with Victoria Vella and get all your questions answered over the phone, kindly let us know and we will arrange it for you.

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