St Kitts and Nevis Introduces a New Dependant Category

St Kitts and Nevis Introduces a New Dependant Category

St Kitts and Nevis Introduces a New Dependant Category

To maintain the competitiveness of the citizenship by investment programs during the Coronavirus pandemic, a range of Caribbean states expanded the definition of qualifying dependants by adding a new “sibling” category over the past months. Following St Lucia and Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis has recently announced that main applicants and their spouses will be allowed to include their siblings in their applications too.

To be eligible to qualify for citizenship, a sibling must meet the following requirements:

  • be a brother or a sister of the main applicant and / or his / her spouse;
  • be 30 years old or younger;
  • be unmarried and childless;
  • be financially supported by the main applicant and / or spouse of the main applicant.

The siblings of the main applicant and / or spouse also will have to undergo a due diligence procedure as per existing regulations. St Kitts and Nevis does not provide investors with the opportunity of adding siblings to the previously approved applications, and it is only possible to include them in applications submitted from now on.

The fees required to add a sibling in the citizenship application are $20,000 under the Sustainable Growth Fund option and $40,000 under the real estate purchase option.

The new change has made St Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship by investment program the fourth Caribbean CIP that facilitates the inclusion of siblings in the application as qualifying dependants. This is the latest amendment in the program in 2020. Earlier this year St Kitts and Nevis reduced the contribution amount from $195,000 to $150,000 for families up to four. This offer is effective only until 15 January 2021.

The citizenship by investment program of St Kitts and Nevis has been existing since 1984 and is highly reputable and popular among investors from all around the globe. The expansion of the dependant category, however, makes it even more attractive. If you would like to obtain citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis at the most affordable price, the best time to apply for it is now. Contact GLS Private Office, and we will be delighted to offer you the best possible solution.

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